“He always grabs the little ones”: Elia Ezrre talks about her experience with Eleazar Gomez

It has been a few days since elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City arrested Eleazar Gomez after his sentimental partner denounced him for physically attacking her in the apartment where they lived together in the Benito Juarez mayor’s office.


After this, the actor was sent to the North Men’s Preventive Prison, where he awaits his first hearing with a judge. After the reasons for his arrest were made public, several of his former romantic partners began to give their testimonies about the violent events that they had allegedly experienced with the actor.


The last of them was the model Elia Ezrre, who maintained a relationship with him during 2017 and who recounted in an interview with Venga la Alegría the moments of violence he suffered during that period. Read the latest Celebrity, business articles On http://thenewsfeeder.net/.


The Mexican model assured that at the beginning of the relationship, Eleazar Gomez behaved chivalrously and that everything was perfection, however, two months after it began, the actor began to show signs of violence by showing excessive jealousy and fights without reason apparent in public, in which, according to Ezrre, he ended up playing a victim role. 


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